Monday, September 17, 2012

resolutions: check-in

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[a few outtakes from Stephen's and my trip to Sardinia]

In January, I wrote about my resolutions for 2012. I've been thinking about them a lot lately, since -- as much as I'd like for summer to last forever -- it's mid-September now, which means that winter is coming, which means that the year is almost over (what?!). So, a little check-in:

+ Figure out job/country/life situation. -- Ha.

+ Write daily. -- Not so much.

+ Run a 10K. -- Happening! I signed up for the Energizer Night Run in Cologne about a month ago, and Mandie and I are running the 10K version.

+ Write the first draft of a novel (= at least 50,000 words). -- In progress, kinda sorta. (There's still NaNoWriMo!)

+ Take a cooking class. -- Not yet, but there's a cooking school in Frankfurt that offers vegetarian group classes in English -- important if I want to involve Stephen the vegetarian whose German, while marvelous (Ich muss machen Sie pee-pee.), is not yet quite up to speed for a cooking class.

+ Take a photography class. -- Three-hour photography walk = done, with David Hagerman.

+ Be open to randomness. -- To the extent that I tend to equate "randomness" with "excellent and relatively spontaneous travel", so far so good: Malaysia with Megan. Freiburg with Mandie, as well as more than one trip to Cologne. Berlin, repeatedly, with Conor. London with Lucy. Munich, Valencia, Copenhagen, Sardinia with Stephen. Rome + the Amalfi Coast + Capri with Ann is coming up in under a month (!) -- although, given that this trip has been on my calendar for two years, I don't guess I can really categorize it as spontaneous. (It will, however, surely be excellent.)

I guess my main take-away here is: I travel kind of often, and with some good, good people. And even though I still consider myself a photography beginner, I feel as though I've had some fabulous opportunities to take pictures in very cool places, and a decent amount of the time I am actually taking the pictures I want to be taking. And improving as I go! As for the rest of my resolutions/goals, I'm going to go ahead and consider the list more of a push to move in the right direction than something that I need to hold myself to extremely rigidly.

Having said that . . . November looks like a mighty fine month for banging out 50,000 words of a crappy first draft of a novel.


  1. love this post. it's such a wonderful idea to set goals for yourself, and you've got some great ones. cheers!

  2. Thanks, Katie! It's really been good for me to have some (mostly fun!) areas to grow toward.


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